The Anholt Offshore Project

The Anholt Offshore Project. Back then the biggest facility of it's kind in the World.

111 wind generators offshore between the small island of Anholt (Kattegatt) and Denmark.

Oil rigg  to be deconstructed in Grenå harbour, Denmark (2017)

Fish plant in Grenå, Denmark

Sportcentre, Grenå, Denmark

Sportcentre, Grenå, Denmark

Stone quarry, Emmenhausen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Gravel plant, Northeim, Germany

Hutamääki plant, Göttingen, Germany (torn down in 2017)

Hutamääki plant, Göttingen, Germany (torn down in 2017)

Workshop in Bovenden, Germany

Car wash in Göttingen, Germany

Medical company AMEDES, new building extension under construction, Göttingen, Germany.

"Christo is everywhere." ;-)

Albani church, Göttingen, Germany

Crematory, Göttingen, Germany

Novopan company, Göttingen, Germany

 Lanco Company, Göttingen, Germany

real.- supermarket, Göttingen, Germany 

Also available as Fine Art print

Calendar cover for real.- supermarket,  Göttingen, Germany

BONO department store, Göttingen, Germany. 

Only twice a year during a period of less than 5 min the position of the sun allows to catch this shadow.

BONO department store, Göttingen, Germany

BONO department store, fire escape, Göttingen, Germany

"LaVision", international laser company, Göttingen, Germany

"We make streams visible."

"Coherent", Laser company, recreation area, Göttingen, Germany

Natural gas station, Göttingen, Germany

MBP Group, Gas tanks in Grenå harbour.

"Sartorius" company,  new parking house, Göttingen, Germany

"Sartorius" plant, Göttingen, Germany

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